All About The Players

Up and down the country, friends and colleagues get together to play the world’s favourite sport, football! Why not make a league out of it, just record the results and compete with your individual player stats!


For every match the winning players gets 3 points each, over the course of the season the player with the most points is crowned champion.


Just by recording the result the site produces:

Top scorer/assister
Win percentage
Average goals per game
Winning/losing streaks
and much more…

Team Selector

With a simple tap you can randomise the teams or split them based on performance.

Best Team Algorithm

Our algorithms automatically produce the team of the month and season.

Better Organisation

Players can confirm if they’re available for a match or not. Helping you organise matches and book pitches.

Manage Finances

Track who is up-to-date with their payment and who’s lagging behind.

Get Out Get Fit

Ultimately, we hope this gives more incentive for people to get out and play the beautiful game.

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Matches Played

Goals Scored


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